Secondary School Tuition Scholarships

Secondary School Tuition Scholarship

Patti & Principal of Wat Bo School

The PLFC/PLF (US) support children at four schools in Cambodia.  PLFC’s efforts have, to date, been directed at the students of Koh Ker school, supporting them as they move into secondary school in Srayang.  Now, PLFC is working alongside PLF (US) to support students from the other three schools

We are humbled by the tenacity and determination of many students who have finished primary school at Tchey, Knar and Wat Bo Schools and continue to pursue their education at the secondary level with no assistance from PLF except in the form of uniforms and supplies. When Khmer children and their families are living in poverty, they face many obstacles in the pursuit of education, not the least of which is the cost of secondary school tuition.

We view school tuition as one of the primary obstacles to increasing access to education for children and youth in Cambodia. In the case of Secondary School, students receive free education for the first half of the day. After that, students must pay their teachers for private classes in order to get a complete education and be able to pass the 12th grade exam for the diploma. In this way, students living in poverty who cannot afford to pay these additional costs do not have an equal chance of completing their secondary schooling.

Until there are fundamental changes in the Cambodian school system, the PLFC/PLF (US)  is committed to identifying strategies and methods to support these students in their efforts to graduate. Students need to take all 5 subjects (Khmer language, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Mathematics) in order to be prepared to take the Grade 12 exam and graduate in the 2011-12 school year.

PLFC/PLF (US) has over 400 students enrolled in lower and upper secondary school. The need for the 11th and 12th graders is especially urgent. Our goal during 2012 is to get the 64 upper secondary students (grades 10-12) engaged in a full day of education, the same as their more privileged counterparts, so they may have an opportunity to seek employment or further their education as they wish. Funds allocated to this project would thus be focussed on offsetting tuition costs for secondary students.

Teachers are required to keep a roster of students and submit an attendance record for the month. Upon receipt of this documentation, payment is rendered to the teacher by PLF staff directly. Unexcused absences totaling more than 3 per month will result in withholding of the scholarship. Our experience with these students indicates that we will not have a problem with attendance; the students are eager to graduate and know these classes are vital to the accomplishment of their long term goals.

Project Budget

5 courses as described above x $5 per course per month
$25 per month per student

Donations in any amount directed towards this project are gratefully appreciated.

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