PLFC Student Videos

PLFC  Student Videos

PLFC has begun sponsoring students from Tchey School and Knar School (just outside Siem Reap) who are moving on to secondary school and college/university classes.

Two of these students recently took part in a media workshop given by the “Traveling Teacher” (Diana Gross).  As part of the workshop, two PLFC-sponsored students, Soy Sen and Soun Sathy, made short documentary videos (with help from their workshop “team”).

You have to see these videos…  they’re incredible.  Made on basic equipment by young Cambodian kids who have just learned the basics of storytelling and composition.

The short films also give a glimpse into the world of these kids —  how they live, the issues they and their communities face, and the dreams they have for their future.  Powerful stuff.

First up:  “My future dreams” by Soun Sathy…

Second up:  an amazingly accomplished short film by Soy Sen:  “Water Wells in my Village”

To read about the workshop and how these videos came about, check out Diana’s blog:

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