BRIDGET MORRISON, of Saskatoon, has made a donation to the PLFC in honour of her Grade 10 English teacher at Evan Hardy Collegiate in Saskatoon:

Mr. Kirk Gordon

Not only is Mr. Gordon an excellent English teacher, he also embodies kindness and compassion.


The BAILEY children, in Toronto, would like to thank their teachers and principals for a great school year and have made a donation to PLFC on their behalf.

PAIGE goes to school at Dunlace Public School and thanks:

Madame Petry (teacher)
Madame Schivone (principal)

PARKER and CORBIN attend Rippleton Public School and send thanks to:

Mrs. Tam (teacher)
Mr. Williams (teacher)
Ms. Adaskin (principal)


MYLES WHELEN has given a donation to PLFC on behalf of his wonderful Grade 6 teachers at Lycée Louis Pasteur in Calgary.  They are:

Madame Catherine Carbonell
Madame Isabelle Caplan
Monsieur Olivier Binet
Monsieur Laurent Vincenot
Monsieur Olivier Boudon
Mr. Charlie Hunter
Ms. Eve de Moissac
Mrs. Carolyn Qualle
Señora Josefina Libre

Merci à tous.
Thank you to all.
Gracias a todos.


KATE MORRISON has made a donation in honour of her long-time ballet teacher:

Ms. Yvonne Jaspar

Ms. Jaspar teaches at the Jaspar Academy of Dance in Saskatoon.

If you would like to thank and honour your teachers in this unique and meaningful way – please contact us:

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