Soy Sen + Goodtube = 10,000

Soy Sen + Goodtube = 10,000

Big News.  Soy Sen and his team of filmmakers, recently sent a video grant application in to Goodtube. They won – were awarded an extraordinary $10,000 for the PLF Media Lab.

Their submission, entitled “I Am One” describes the PLF technology program from the perspective of the student and goes on to explain why the media class needs the Goodtube grant; in order to make the program available to more students, buy equipment and fund a teacher. The grant will arrive just in time to get the students working on some projects over the summer and be ready when school starts to integrate media into an already highly successful technology program at Tchey School.

See the Goodtube Video “I Am One”

PLFC and PLF USA have been supporting Soy Sen for some time. His story is incredible – both his parents are dead, and he lives alone near Siem Reap, and studies hard. He is a natural with computers – and spends all his time at the PLF computer lab, where he now teaches younger children.

The winning team is: Soy Sen, Meas Sam-Oun and Pech Sopha.  They have been churning out videos, including the award-winning “Water Wells in my Village“. And this recent video, of Khmer New Years celebrations at Koh Ker School:

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