Ravuth and Dieb in Siem Reap

Ravuth and Dieb in Siem Reap

Two of the boys from the Srayang Compound — Ravuth Neak (Grade 8) and Deun Dieb (Grade 9) spent the summer at Seven Candles  (also known as PLF HQ) in Siem Reap.  They lived with Ponheary and her family, attended high school classes (Math, Physics and Chemistry) worked on their English skills, and did some intensive computer training with PLF computer guru Sotheara Ly.

Word is: they killed it.  They did extremely well, and now they are headed back to Srayang to continue their studies and to pass on their knowledge to their compatriots there.  They will be the instructors at the new computer lab at the Srayang dorm.  Amazing.

While they were in town, PLFC’s intrepid field director Farida Mot had a little sit down with the boys, and got their thoughts on the whole experience…

Ravuth at the computer.

Why did you come to live in Siem Reap?

Dieb and Ravuth: Because we want to study Khmer and English language with people in town. We want to have communication and relationships with the tourists and especially computer skills and other things that make the difference between the people at Srayang and the people in town.

What do you study every day? What time?

Dieb and Ravuth: Every day we study in extra classes at Angkor High School in the subjects of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. For English language we study at Future Bright Institute. For computer skills, we study in the PLF Computer Lab.

Dieb: I study Mathematics from 8am – 9am, Physics and Chemistry from 9am – 10am. For science subjects I study physics once a week, chemistry once a week. For mathematics, the teacher gives a lot of exercises and lessons too. For physics and chemistry the teacher follows the government curriculum (lesson and exercise). For English class I study level one with Ravuth and I got a test one time already got score 35 in 65 points and will take the mid-term exam at 6th Sep. For computer class I finished Microsoft word already and will start with Microsoft excel this month.

Ravuth: For me, I study Mathematics from 8am – 9am and follow the government curriculum. I have the same Chemistry teacher as Dieb, but I study different lessons. English at Future Bright School is good, I know more vocabulary but sometimes it’s difficult with translating. The first test I got a score of 65 in 65 points. For computer skills in September, I’m studying with Microsoft Excel. I graduated with Microsoft Word ability already but it was a little bit difficult. Now Dieb and I know a lot about computers and we are starting to learn how to set up Microsoft Windows 7 and some programs, but we are not yet fluent with it. Maybe this month teacher Sotheara will take us to Tchey School for setting up Windows for desktops in the Tchey computer Lab.

Dieb and Sotheara

What is the difference between studying in Srayang and studying at Angkor High School?

Dieb: The biggest difference is that all the teachers in the town are very rarely absent, the teachers in town never say rude words, and always focus on the lesson and exercise. As for my classmates in Siem Reap, they were very good. They never acted like snobs with each other, not even with me, a person from countryside.

Ravuth: My teacher is good with teaching but sometimes I didn’t understand but he tries to explain and after that I get it. My classmates are very good, they always help each other. If someone doesn’t understand the lesson they can explain the lesson to each other.

How do you feel about learning English at Future Bright?

Dieb and Ravuth: English at Future Bright is so good because the teacher speaks English more than Khmer so they can make the student good with listening and speaking too. Our teacher reviews the lesson every day and especially reviews all the lessons before we take the exam, so this is good for the students and easy to remember what we were learning. As for the lessons that we study, they are different because we are missing some vocabulary because we didn’t learn it in Srayang. My classmates are annoyed a little bit because they are young, but the students in the town are so brave and very friendly.

What will you do to help the other Srayang students when you go back?

Dieb and Ravuth: We will teach computer classes to everybody in the dorm and try to teach about Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics as much as we possibly can. When we go back to Srayang we plan to make the schedule for our peers to learn typing and Microsoft Word from us. And later we will teach them how to use the internet if the internet can work there.

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