Video: Sunflowers of Srayang

Video: Sunflowers of Srayang

This extraordinary video was recently made about the PLFC-sponsored project in Srayang, Cambodia. PLF high school students  planned, shot, wrote and edited the 12-minute documentary, “Sunflowers of Srayang”.  The trio spent a week at the PLF’s Srayang Dormitory in Preah Vihear Province interviewing and shooting video of PLF’s girl students there.

The week was an eye-opening experience for everyone involved.  In the following months, the student documentary team put together a story that tells of the struggle and heartache that students endure in order to get a basic education in an area cut off from the world by decades of war and violence.

The documentary team was guided by PLF Media Teacher Sokha Khoun and Director of Instructional Technology Diana Gross.  Founder Ponheary Ly and President Lori Carlson have presented the documentary at an event in New York City and  again in Austin, Texas and Los Angeles in late March.

“Sunflowers of Srayang” originally debuted at the Angkor Wat International Film Festival in Siem Reap in early February 2013.

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