School Life in Srayang

School Life in Srayang

O Yura is in Grade 9 and living at the Srayang Dorm — one of students PLFC supports. She is one of the very first from her village ever to go this far in school.  She and the other Srayang students live in an extremely remote location. Tourism will soon be coming to the region, so we’re especially happy to see the students at Srayang learning computer skills and studying English.

O Yura14 NOVEMBER 2013
by Yura 

Srayang secondary school isn`t very big. But it is very exciting , because I study with my friends.

Hello, My name is YURA. I`m fifteen years old. I`m a student in grade 9. I have classes in Srayang secondary school. I`m in a class with thirty-six students.They`re all from different villages and provinces.  Svay reog , Kampong cham , Koh Ker, Srayang, Rom carg and Beag Dob.Our teachers names are Sophea, Math, Keaj, Ceag, Con, Loth. They  are very funny and are very good teachers.

My favourite  subjects are Khmer, Geography, History, Science, Moral Education, English. My favourite teachers are Sophea, Math, Kanh, Ceag, Con, Loth.

field trip

Yura (second from left) and some friends out on a field trip.

I don’t like mathematics, because it is difficult. In my school I have four intimate friends. They are Ena , Saya , Tevy , and Sokha, I love them.

In my class we have 8 windows, 1 Door. We have posters of  a car parking outside the city or outside build up areas. About Policy on school health, about the world, About freshwater fish in the kingdom of Cambodia, and slogans. On the weekend we decorate the school or sweep the lawn. I am happy to study there, because I study gather with my friends.   I go to school because I want study.  I study because I want to be a doctor. I want a doctor because I want take care of people in Cambodia.

Yura just completed studies in Microsoft Office courses where she learned to make graphics like this. She created this one for this blog post using her new skills.

Yura just completed studies in Microsoft Word where she learned to make graphics like this. She created this for her blog post using her new skills.

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