Back to School

It’s working.

One year ago, a group of impoverished Cambodian children did the unimaginable.  They left their families and their tiny village, and went away to school.  In the remote Cambodian town of Srayang, they lived and studied in dorm houses.  They were clothed and fed.  PLFC paid their way.

Now, a year later, the kids are thriving.  We’ve seen just how healthy, happy, well-fed, and successful they are.  They are getting an education.  And they are beginning to understand what that means — the power it will give them to return home and lift their families and their community out of gut-wrenching poverty.

A year later, they are full of hope and determination.  But they are just getting started.  This fall, they are heading back to classes.  They need PLFC to stay with them.

We hope you can help.


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Your donations pay for food, supplies and uniforms, medical care, tutoring, solar power, toiletries, upkeep for animals and gardens, and a housemother who lives with the students year-round and is their away-from-home mom.

Our students have accomplished incredible things in the past year:

  • SAUT SAREN, the first student from Koh Ker village to ever completel lower secondary school, graduated Grade 9 and is headed for teacher’s college.
  • 7 STUDENTS completed grade 8 and 11 STUDENTS completed Grade 7.
  • DOEUN DIEB is the first in his family to read and write.  This summer, PLFC paid for him to study computers in Siem Reap.
  • SET CHANNY and SITH THEARY ranked 5th and 6th in a class of 34 students.