PLFC Student Videos

PLFC  Student Videos PLFC has begun sponsoring students from Tchey School and Knar School (just outside Siem Reap) who are moving on to secondary school and college/university classes. Two of these students recently took part in a media workshop given by the “Traveling Teacher” (Diana Gross).  As part of the workshop, two PLFC-sponsored students, Soy … Continue reading

Ponheary @ UNESCO

Ponheary Ly spoke before 400 delegates from over 20 countries at the 15th Annual UNESCO APEID Conference in Jakarta Indonesia. Read Ponheary’s report on the experience.

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New Srayang Dormitory

The PLF (USA) has been working hard, building a new dormitory for the female Srayang students to live in.

The girls that PLF Canada sponsors will live in this new house as they attend lower secondary school (grades 7,8,9) during the 2011/2012 school year.

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Ponheary is a 2010 CNN Hero

Ponheary Ly was awarded 2010 Heroes Award by CNN in June. Read an in-depth interview of Ponheary and watch the footage shot by the CNN news team at Koh Ker School.

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From the Killing Fields: How Ponheary Ly Emerged from Darkness into Light

At the age of 14, Ponheary Ly died and came back to life. At least, that’s how she describes it. The year was 1977, and the Khmer Rouge was on its deadly rampage in Cambodia. After seeing her father killed, along with 13 other family members, Ly was on the run and in hiding when some soldiers accused her of stealing food. They marched her deep into the woods and forced her to dig her own grave.

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