Secondary School Tuition Scholarships

PLFC is working together with PLF (US) to support students from 3 elementary schools -­‐-­‐ Tchey, Knar and Wat Bo – as the students move on to secondary school. PLF (US) has supported these students at elementary school. But as the students move on to secondary school it has only been able to provide uniforms and supplies. These scholarships will fund their tuition as well. The scholarships are $25 per month per student.

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The Srayang Project

The Ponheary Ly Foundation Canada (PLFC) is giving rural Cambodian girls and boys an education. The cost to house, feed, clothe and educate each student is $800.00 per year. The return on this investment is immeasurable.

These students are the country’s future. An education will give them the power and determination to help pull their families and their communities out of poverty. It will help the crucial work of giving their country a future.

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