Cambodia in the time of Covid

The world has changed, from Canada to Cambodia, and every place in between. On March 16, the Cambodian government shut down all schools in the country. They remain closed with the hope that school will start up on-schedule in November. Unfortunately, because so much of the school year was lost, all students will have to repeat the entire year.
When the pandemic hit and the schools closed, the students at the Srayang dorm went in to immediate quarantine.  Then, after two weeks of quarantine, the students were signed out by their parents who came from Koh Ker and Romchek villages to fetch the students along with their belongings and plenty of soap. 

Since then, our on-the-ground staff has been amazing, adapting to the significant needs before them.  School is the Answer has always been our motto and it’s something we believe at our very core. But, for the last few months, food has been the answer.  Many of our students face food insecurity at home. When they left the dorm and moved home after the pandemic hit, they were back to vulnerable situations with not enough food.

Our staff has responded by providing food parcels to the most vulnerable students every 10 days, and at the same time have been providing study lessons to students. We are so proud of the PLF team who has put themselves out there to deliver goods and solidarity to the most forgotten part of the population.