Srayang Learning Centre

Until recently, PLFC provided housing for secondary and high school students continuing their education far from their homes in the countryside where there is no opportunity for higher level education.

But now, the Srayang Dorm has been recreated as the Srayang Learning Centre. Students no longer have to live in a separate village for their families. Instead, we will transport them to the learning centre, and provide them with support, extra classes and resources, and an excellent lunch.

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Siem Reap Dormitories

(affectionately known as The City Dorms)
PLFC is proud to support two urban dormitories for high school students in Siem Reap city,  one for boys and one for girls. Students from Srayang who complete secondary school with high scores can continue on to the City Dorms. There they are housed with other PLFC students from remote areas across Cambodia where there are no opportunities for upper level education.

The need for student housing in urban areas is particularly acute because high schools of good quality in Cambodia are located exclusively in cities. Before the City Dorms were in operation, students sent themselves to the cities to enroll in school and do their best to make ends meet, often by working night jobs or other unsafe forms of employment. The City Dorms in Siem Reap remove these pressures by providing safe housing, access to high school, and supplementing English and computer classes. Importantly, it puts the girls and boys into communities of like-minded peers who want to excel in high school, and put their sights on even higher learning at University or trade school.